Our weekly meal plan – 27th May 2019

Wow, it was meant to be sports day today, but the school took the decision to postpone until next week. I am kind of glad, the thought of spending all day in the wet playground did fill me full of a little dread – please don’t repeat this to my gorgeous children. We have the meal planner all filled out and on the white board so that everyone knows what we are having. Here are the dinners that have made the meal plan for this week:

Monday – Everyone is having pulled pork wraps that I made in my Instant Pot – it took 40 minutes once it got to pressure, but it tastes immense. The recipe I followed was right, you need to marinade your meat before cooking as the flavours needed to develop and 40 minutes in the Instant Pot wasn’t going to do this.

Tuesday – King Prawn Stir Fry – the boys love this, they will have a sweet and sour sauce and G and I will have Oyster Sauce – super easy dinner for us all.

WednesdayRagu – Click through for the recipe – can’t quite believe, I have been making this super dish for over 6 years, that’s quite scary, but it really is super easy, freezes well and a treat for the whole family.

Thursday – I went to Lidl the other day – I’ve started buying biscuits for the boys lunches from here – I get a pack and they get 2 for their lunch, it’s saving me so much money as the prepacked things were costing me loads and the packets of custard creams are only 18p. Anyway, I digress – While I was there, I got some pizzas to try – I haven’t had pizzas from Lidl before, so will give them a go – the boys love pepperoni, so I got this for them and a garlic pizza bread for me, which I will top with garlic and fresh tomatoes – my new favourite topping!

Friday –  I actually didn’t make this last week as I am out of my garlic and ginger puree mix that I get from the Indian supermarket – I just don’t know where locally to get it. I’m going to make Chicken Curry. It does take a while to make it as I don’t have any of The Curry Guy’s base sauce in the freezer, but when I make it, I make 5 batches so it is easy and quick and tastes as good as a takeaway.

Weekend – I am not sure yet what we are going to have, there are lots of goodies in the freezer to choose from such as beef rendang and Thai Green Curry – so we’ll see what takes our fancy on the day.

Do you meal plan? What are your favourites?

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