Our Weekly Meal Plan 29th August 2016

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This week’s meal plan has been chosen by Hubster He has decided to go with a kind of Italian theme, but we won’t hold that against him.  For every meal, I will be increasing the veg or having a small side salad to make sure that my healthy eating doesnt go out of the window.

Monday Lasagne and salad Hubster is having chips with his, but I dont need them, salad alongside mine will be just fine.

Tuesday Buffalo Chicken I am always saving recipes on Facebook these days and the buffalo chicken that I shared the other day, has already made it to our meal plan so looking forward to it!

Wednesday Pasta Porcini This is one of Hubsters favourite meals and from the Greedy Italians recipe book its really easy too.

Thursday Cajun Chicken and sweet potato mash So this isnt Italian but Hubster chose this from the Simply Cook box that we have recently received.

Friday Ragu We have my Step Mum and her new man coming to stay for a couple of days, so making a big pot of ragu for us all to enjoy Were also going to make garlic pizza bread ourselves The boys love it from the shops, so want to try to make it!

Saturday Spaghetti with Pizzaoila sauce Again from the Greedy Italians recipe book So tasty and tried and tested here and everyone loves it.

Sunday Linguine and Hot smoked salmon.

Let us know what you are planning this week and perhaps give us a little inspiration for our planning for next week.

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