Our Weekly Meal Plan – 3rd April 2017


So I’m second week in on my Pilates and really enjoying it – but my goodness is it hard. I really thought I was getting fitter, but clearly not in my core. I’m back on track with the healthy eating too, making sure that I am maintaining my blood sugar levels.  Not everyone is the same, but I do need snacks so every 3 hours I’m making sure that I eat, but limiting portions and upping veg.  I’m going to fill in my A4_meal-planner_Final and stick it to the fridge also so that everyone can see it!

Monday – Chicken Caesar Salad – This is a Hairy Dieters recipe and my goodness it was super tasty.

Tuesday –  Philly Cheese Steak – The Body Coach recipe – now it is a low carb option, but as G and I will have both done exercise today – he starts his running again this evening – We will have with sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Mushroom stroganoff – I think I’ve been making this recipe for 20 years – well almost, it’s an Ainsley Harriot one, from his very first cook book that is one of the only ones to survive the test of time!

Thursday – Creamy Chicken Tarragon Pots from The Hairy Dieters book 3 – this is a reader that has written in – it looks so tasty – they serve it with rosemary fries, but I’ll change this for our polenta fries with rosemary instead.

Friday – I’m out tonight, so getting the boys sorted out with macaroni cheese that they will all eat no problem with garlic bread.

I am not going to plan the weekend yet – I’ll see what happens this week.  I’m off on another food and nutrition course this weekend, so will take inspiration from all that I learn 🙂



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