Meal Planning

I make a big thing of meal planning – that’s because it works – whether you have fussy eaters, on a budget or a health kick, this way you can control what you are eating and it helps also with food waste.  I do notice when I’ve not been meal planning – I throw out more food and find that everything I’m buying is on impulse, whereas if I plan, I make my list and it helps when going round the shops.

We have a chalkboard painted onto our wall which I update weekly with our plan.

I do think also  in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to have a balance between what you eat, drink and also the exercise that you do. Let’s face it you diet alone won’t get rid of the bulge. So, I have developed this  Our Meal Plan weekly Planner, print off and use as a tracker.

I use the word ‘exercise’ loosely here – I think I’ll change it to activity – you can burn calories walking the school run, doing to ironing, doing the hoovering – so you see, it’s not all about going to the gym – I for one, hate the gym itself. I can’t keep at it – I need classes and others to motivate me!