It’s Sunday 10th September 2017

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What a quick week this has been, Buddy started skiing lessons again and Bubbles started full days at school and I’m back to work, so it’s been all go.

I got the boys hair done before the end of the summer holidays, but all of a sudden, it just seemed unweildly again.  We went to Blakes Barbers which is in the village where we live – you just sit and wait and can’t make an appointment, but this worked for us on Wednesday.  I was chatting to the lovely Jody and was asking her where to get blus hair spray as the boys wanted to try it – as luck would have it, she had some so tried it out on the boys. They abaolutely loved it – hope school were ok with it the next day as Bubbles wouldn’t let me wash it out!!

As you can see, we had also just been at Tae Kwon Do, the boys love it and it’s great for their fitness and discipline, Bubbles is so cute now as he approaches the class, he will bow to Master Divine and he does it every time.

Last weekend we went to swimming for Bubbles and the local Orienteering Club were setting up their course and Buddy asked them what it was and lots of other questions. The lady said they were putting on a beginners course on Saturday and so we got Buddy’s best buddy round and we went along.  We came 16th and that was us taking our time, so next time, we need to beat that – It was great fun and the boys really enjoyed it, although at the end said that next time they didn’t need me!!




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