It’s Sunday 13th March 2016

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This week has been good, I’ve been in London with my new freelance contract. Spent all day chatting to catering colleges about wild atlantic prawns, it was amazing and I loved it!

So this week I have a few pictures that I could use and the most annoying thing is I saw a shot as I walked from the hotel ferry, it was in a garden looking towards One Canada Square but I didnt take the shot and now Im kicking myself as the shot was not on my camera but just in my minds eye. Nevermind!

Here is one of the shots that I did take and do you know, I didnt realise this was the second highest building in London until we did the quiz the night before see I do listen!!


One Canada Square

I couldnt actually get the whole building on my phone as I was right beneath it.

Here are the linkys we are supporting this week:



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