It’s Sunday 15th October 2017

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Again another busy week this week and I came on the blog and realised that actually I haven’t been on in nearly two weeks – that’s what happens when life takes over. This week has to all be about planning my time and ensuring that I’m getting everything I need to get done, fitted in.

This week has been about finishing up school for the October holidays, which are so needed especially by Bubbles.

This past week, Bubbles has taken to his scooter so we walked everyday and it was fabulous, I loved it too!

They really zoomed ahead, so that’s it, I’ve decided when they go back I’m going to run the school run every day!

I bought this book and had a lovely relaxing bath reading it. I was completely in the zone. Along that same theme, I bought a Scentsy burner from a friend and it is lovely, the smell from it isn’t too over powering and it adds a lovely wee light to the room.

That’s us for this week – What exciting things are you up to?


2 thoughts on “It’s Sunday 15th October 2017

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