It’s Sunday 21st January 2018

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It’s Sunday again! Wow the weeks just fly by don’t they.  Again the weather has been mixed, this week we have had quite a lot of snow and really icy conditions.  Doesn’t help when the gritters forget to come into your street and you live at the top of a hill and your hubster drives a BMW car. Anyway, it’s been interesting!

The boys rugby was also cancelled – Bubbles only just started two weeks ago – I’ll post more about that later in the week, but it’s taken a lot. When it was cancelled this morning, he decided that he was still going to get dressed up in all of his kit.

That was absolutely fine until we went to trial the Aquadash at The Royal Commonwealth Pool and if you have spent any time at the side of a pool recently, you really do absolutely melt in the heat – so there was lots of stripping off.

So today was all about getting rid of lots of energy and I have to say the aquadash was super fun and the boys had an excellent time.

While the boys were at the aquadash, Bubbles and I played on my phone with filters on Facebook. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but Bubbles thought it was hilarious, so I went with the flow 🙂

That’s us for this week – What exciting things are you up to?


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