It’s Sunday 5th March 2017

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Marvel Cake ToppersOnly in the past few years have I taken to baking, I am usually a bit like Jamie Oliver when cooking and don’t really follow recipes, but baking is a science. You need to have the right mix of ingredients to make it work.

Bubbles will be five in 4 weeks time and as if this wasn’t scary enough, I promised him that I would make his cake.  I envisaged a nice one with one tier, a bit of icing work and some superhero theme. What I wasn’t envisaging was this:

We were searching on Pinterest as you do, and he decided that the cake he wants is 3 tiers and of all of his favourite Marvel characters (yes all of them!) ARGH! Right, so lets get to work – I have made an amazing maderia cake which is presently in the freezer and we are going to practice on this next week.

Bubbles helped me make these toppers – I have to say, I was pretty impressed with it so far – But the proof is in the eating. I plan to make this a two tier cake this week and will share how we get on.





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