It’s Sunday 6th March 2016

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This week has been an interesting one, on Tuesday I finished my full time employment to start my freelance and also spend more time with my children.  I have been so busy with both.  We spent time on Friday with a really good friend and her son and we went to the National Museum in Chamber Street, Edinburgh. Its fabulous, its free and got some many interesting things.  There is lots of space for the children to move around in so they get to burn off some energy too.

When we were there on Friday, they had an introduction to science for school children and let our children join in they loved it! Now we had gone for the Build it Lego exhibition but to be honest, it was rather disappointing, it was in a corner and they had a few sections that the children could build at, but it was nothing special. That said, the boys enjoyed all of the other parts immensely, including this very large clock.

Millenium Clock Tower at National Museum of Scotland

Millennium Clock Tower at Chamber St Museum in Edinburgh

Hope youve all had a good week.

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