It’s Sunday 7th January 2018

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These last couple of weeks have been funny in terms of the weather, I remember when I was working at Friends of the Earth and when they talked about Climate Change, it was always that with global warming it would make our weather more wet as a result, not beautiful beach going sunshine as those, who at the time poo pooed and said, bring it on.

Well guys, I think we may just have the results, we have had the most odd weather, lots more rain and warm days and very little ice and snow – That is two years in a row.

So this is Bubbles with his new outfit, go-kart in the snow – It was short lived, but they did get out in it and Bubbles loved the fact that he could do massive skids in the go-kart when he slammed on the breaks – Hoping he grows out of this before he learns to drive!!

I went back to work on Wednesday and Grim stayed home with the boys, I loved being out of the way and Grim is actually a pretty good house husband in that he cleans up – Every day I came home to a spotless house – I am really not sure how he does it – I suppose when I was freelancing, I was trying to fit in work as well! Anyway, I’ll not complain as it’s great.

Our office is being moved around, so at work, I am camping in our library – The students aren’t back till next week, so I took the opportunity to pitch up on the 3rd floor overlooking Edinburgh Castle – What a view for inspiration.  Well I cropped out the building site below, but you get the picture – can’t beat a view like this, can you?

Next week sees us all back to the normal routine, this is going to be hard, Buddy has always found it hard to switch off, now part of me thinks that this is screens, so we are limiting screens to before dinner, then after dinner, they either need to do lego, read or play a game, to see if this makes a difference.  It will make a difference to me as some of that will require my input, when normally I would be cooking or catching up on the blog and other things, but they have to come first!

I’m also going to try more batch cooking this week, so we have a few dishes on the menu for next week that can be prepared in advance, so that will be my job today, get that all sorted.

We also head back to activities today – so it’s rugby this morning, then we are all going for a family swim then Tae Kwon Do for the boys and me tonight – I am so looking forward to it, but I need to take it easy and ease myself back into this. Buddy is already a blue stripe, with Bubbles a white belt, I am still a yellow belt – The next grading is in March and I have said I too will do it – Can’t have both my boys overtaking me 😉

That’s us for this week – What exciting things are you up to?


12 thoughts on “It’s Sunday 7th January 2018

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      He loved making that snowman and the snow coming was great as we had already decided to stay home that day so they had loads of fun x

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      So glad you came home to a clean home. Yes it’s a lovely view, but I did crop out the building site in front

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      It was super fun in the snow cause it was a home day. Hoping we don’t get too much when we have to go to work

    1. Joanna Dunlop

      Thank you Louise and cheers for coming by and commenting – means a lot. I’ll keep you posted on my Tae Kwon Do grading 😉


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