#Recipe Scallops, Black Pudding and Minted Pea Puree

We love scallops, we dont have them very often as they are quite expensive, but boy are they worth it once in a while. I often have them when we go out to dinner and this recipe is based on one dish I had some years ago when I was working on the Fish is the dish campaign.  Its super easy and the taste is divine.

Scallops and black pudding


It tastes so good and very easy to make.

Serves: 2

6 large scallops
a clove of garlic
4 slices of black pudding
2 portions of peas (I use how much I would if we were eating the peas as a normal portion per person)
Sprig of mint

1. Cook the black pudding in a frying pan then set aside on a warm plate covered in foil to keep warm
2.  Pop the peas in a microwaveable dish with a little water and your mint and cook as per the packet instructions we used petit pois which were really sweet
3. Heat the frying pan to make it very hot, add butter and crushed garlic and sear the scallops. Best way to do this is work the frying pan like a clock face and as you came back to the top then it is time to turn them. Smaller ones only take a minute each side, but these were rather large and took around 2 minutes per side.
3. Drain the peas and mint and zap with hand blender and place on plate, place on the black pudding and add the scallops

The scallops were so sweet against the black pudding, they were delicious.

How do you have your scallops? I’ve love to get some new ideas.

Disclaimer: I bought these scallops from our local fish man, John Kerr @fishvanman. The Black Pudding was Simon Howies and the Petit Pois were Tesco Finest. We were not paid for this post.

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