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Beever haircare product shotI am asked to review lots of products, mainly food, but other things too.  I love when I get a little surprise too – sometimes I come back to the house to find unexpected deliveries, which is fun. Maybe not for my neighbours who have taken in said parcels and here’s me saying ‘I have no idea what is in here!’ I don’t think they believe me half the time.

A few weeks ago I was sent some samples of a haircare product called Beever, yes I know, it is a funny name isn’t it – but I bet you remember it!  It was Christmas and we were busy, so I put it to one side and then when I was organising my to do list coming back to work, I decided I would give them a go and get the review out there for all to see.  I wish I hadn’t waited!

I was given the samples of Beever Haircare by my good friend Lesley Darling, it was a shampoo and conditioner for dry damaged hair called Rich Repair.  The main thing about this product is the company wanted to produce haircare that would help combat the damage that our hair is subjected to through the hectic lifestyles and styling and even the pollution in the air.

It’s been designed by hairdressers, and as any of them will tell you you need to repair the damaged internal strand structure by replacing lost essential oils and moisture.  The guys at Beever Haircare formatted an innovative anti-acing, anti-pollution protein rich professional product that does not have the harsh chemicals and synthetic detergents found in so many hair products these days.  It has no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or Parabens and these days this is something I look for in my products – At Friends of the Earth, we learned lots about these and it’s only recently that studies have shown these products can be carcinogenic, so I try to stay clear.

They believe that by mimicking the protein-structure of healthy hair, our products deliver essential Amino Acids, moisture and oils deep into the cortex, repairing, strengthening and bringing life back to mature or damaged hair.

My thoughts on this was that the shampoo did not lather like the ones you would normally buy, this I’m sure must be due to the product not having SLS (this is good, this stuff is put in shampoos, shower gels and toothpastes to make things foam which makes us feel good it feels like it is working, but it’s not necessary.)  The conditioner felt thick and because I had squeeze all of the water out of my hair, I was able to apply it to my hair easily and it had a nice coating.  But it was when my hair dried that I really noticed the difference, it seemed brighter in colour, it was easy to manage, not flyaway at all and the shine it had was amazing.

I was surprised, not because I didn’t believe what they were saying about their product, but it was because it was such a marked improvement after one use, normally I’d expect this to show after a few applications. I asked Lesley if she had any Beever Haircare images to show their product off and she shared this before and after picture.beaver haircare before and after

Had I not tried the product myself, I might have been sceptical about the results, but I do believe that this product is one of the best haircare products I have tried.  If you want to try it for yourself, take this short survey (put in Lesley Darling as your consultant at the bottom of the survey) and you too can be sent a sample and give it a go.  If you are already convinced, then you can follow Lesley who introduced this to me on Facebook and order direct.

Please do let me know how you get on!  I’d love to read all about your success stories 🙂

Disclaimer: I was sent some samples of Beever Haircare you this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Lisa bradley

    This product is amazing I’m at true Beever fan my hair has loads of bright colours put in and the use of colour protect has made it bright still after 6-8 weeks with any other would most defiantly only look good for maybe 2-3 and my hair is in brilliant shape too 10/10 would most defiantly recommend


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