Review: Clever Tykes Reading Books

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I love reading, I always did, so imagine my dismay when my child will do anything to get out of it.  He reads fine in class, asks questions when he doesn’t understand and so there is no reason for him not to read, he just has other things like screens as a distraction.  So when Clever Tykes sent out a request looking for some bloggers to review their books, I wanted to try Buddy with them.
Clever Tykes Book Series
The team at Clever Tykes explained that the storybooks and teaching resources were developed to inspire positivity, creativity and resourcefulness in children ages 6-9.  This is perfect as Buddy is 8 so this worked for me.
The books themselves introduce important life skills and characteristics through positive, entrepreneurial role models.  The stories follow three different characters who each realise that there is something they are especially good at or passionate about, and the journey they go on.
It was the subjects that excited me to be honest, they are stories about things that interest Buddy like Coding.  So the first of the books for Buddy to be attracted to, was Code-it Cody
Code-it Cody
Buddy likes the way that they are written and the text is really easy to read, so he has actually been reading these on his own in his bed.  He says he likes the way it’s on white paper as he can clearly see all of the words.  Plus point for the publishers there!

Each of the three storybooks have accompanying teacher’s guides and lesson plans. Perfect for supporting the curriculum in primary schools.  I think it’s wonderful that the stories are written in such a way that a child who is a little adverse to reading is choosing them over other things we have in the house – this is great news. It makes me very happy, as you can imagine!

CleverTykesWallpaperThese education storybooks are available (along with the teaching resources to all primary schools in the UK – all you need to do is sign up and you will be sent them! To sign up just visit their portal.

More about the Clever Tykes ethos can be found on their website:  You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram @clevertykes and – feel free to say hello!

Disclaimer: We were sent a set of books for the purpose of this review – all opinions are our own.

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