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Insotel Club Cala Mandia is just outside Porto Cristo on Mallorca. It’s about an hour transfer from the airport in Palma. The buses we had this time were fully air conditioned and actually, as we were dropped off first, it worked really well.

We booked this through Thomsons Holidays and having been before, we knew where we were going.  This resort is all inclusive, which actually we really liked and the food is great. I’m not going to lie, this holiday was not cheap, but I am not sure where is these days if you want good food, 5 pools and a children’s splash park.

We went from Newcastle as the Scottish schools had just broken up and the price jumped over £1,000 to go from Edinburgh. It was pretty good, we stayed overnight in Premier Inn and got to the airport in good time. Flight on the way out was really good, the staff on Thomsons airline were great and it all worked well.

When we got to the resort, our room wasn’t quite ready, so they stored our bags and we made our way to the beach – there is a beach that is around 5 minutes walk from the hotel and it was great. The room we were in was not in the main block, but in block C overlooking one of the other pools. This is the view and was obviously before 9.30 as people starting coming down to get the sun loungers

Block C Pool Cala Mandia

The first few days were great, our apartment was perfect and it was really hot. The food was as we remembered from our trip 3 years prior and the staff, well they were polite, there were only a few who actually smiled though! I think in the main pool bar, the only one who looked like he was enjoying his job was Santiago (I think that was his name) he always smiled 😊

Now my biggest gripe about the holiday was actually the sun loungers – now I know this is situation in most places, but I have never felt such annoyance about it before – every night the sun loungers were locked up and you had to go down at 9.30am when they were unlocked. That’s 8.30am our time – so no lie in whatsever if you wanted to be beside a pool! I had one instance where I had queued and was walking towards 2 sun loungers (between the 4 of us) and someone actually threw their towels over my head to bag the beds – now I could have stood there and argued the toss, but meanwhile all of the others beds were being taken – so we moved round. The people didn’t even use the loungers that day, so I was not a happy bunny.

The next day, we were down for before 9am and taking up a bit of space in the shade, politely waiting for the beds to be unlocked, when someone put their flipflops right where I was sitting to bag their space – Seriously, you could not make this up – I moved them!

Now I’ve ranted about the sun beds, I have to move on, the kids club was great – the boys really enjoyed their time there, I know that there were other families who didn’t get on with it so well and heard them complain – but to be honest, things change, I’d much rather if it’s raining that they found something else to do rather than make my children miserable playing table tennis in the rain. The staff were great and even got the kids to put on a performance one night. Here is Buddy as part of Mary Poppins:

The food did not disappoint, there was so much to choose from. Every day there was so much choice and always extremely tasty – Hence why I’m now working with a personal trainer, to get back in shape!

They had themes, these are the same weekly, which we didn’t realise as last time we only went for a week, but it was fine, cause it tasted so good. One of the restaurants was completely air conditioned too, so it meant that you could take your time to enjoy rather than sweating all over your food.

The cleaners were fab, our room was always tidy and felt clean, beds made on a daily basis and all tidied up.

The hotel also has a gym, tennis, table tennis, an adventure playground, bikes for hire and an adult only section (we went to this pool when the boys were in kids club and OMG, it was fabulous)

As I said, the beach was only a short walk away and although it was rather choppy a few days, it was great to experience this too – The boys prefer the pool but it was great from them to enjoy this too!

Bubbles playing in sand Cala Mandia Beach

The trip home was less than great, the airport made it to the UK news the day we came home – Palma airport is not geared up for all of these people and passport control was awful, but once through it was plain sailing, well apart from the queues to get a bottle of juice and then realising that it was 3.95 Euros!

The Thomsons flight was my least enjoyable experience on being on a flight – the staff were rude and totally got to me – Seriously, they put out a security announcement as I was waiting for the toilet about people standing in the gally way, which I wasn’t even doing, then said if you were in after row 11 you were to use the toilets at the back – well I was in row 11 and I was on the carpet as you had first suggested – At this point I was not a happy bunny and then on a 2 hr 41 mins flight, we were allowed one lot of drinks, when I asked about it, they said it was closed. I have never heard this in my life! They didn’t even ascertain what we wanted to drink – can they refuse you water – I’m not sure that they can!

Verdict: So what did we think?

The hotel was lovely but there were way too many people staying there, the hotel said to me they had 2,000 guests!

The food was amazing but a holiday is not just about the food!

The sun lounger situation was a joke, in fact I got up early every day and on the one day that they didn’t have them chained up, I got one next to the pool at 7am and read my book for 2 hours!

We have decided that perhaps resort holidays are not for us and next year will look at a villa with a pool.

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  1. Susan Mann

    This sounds like a good holiday, but yes maybe not for you. It’s been years since I’ve done a resort holiday. I didn’t know sunbeds had such an issue. It does sound like a really busy place. Glad the food was good though x


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