We Love Teapy – #Review

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When I first met Raymond who was at a catering show and he had the Teapy, I was extremely intrigued.  I was working at the stand next to him, so had a job to do, but as people stopped by, I tried to listen in – I was trying to find out what was so special about the Teapy lid.

This video says it all really. The lid is plastic and goes on top of your cup to keep your tea hot while it infuses.

As someone who drinks a lot of green and herbal tea – this is great, you even have somewhere to pop your tea bag without it going everywhere – an issue I’ve had when working in offices.

Restaurants and cafes are starting to use these.  Nice way to savour your cuppa.

Teapy with green Tea

They say it’s the most important tea making invention since the tea bag itself, well if you are making one cup of tea and you like it hot, then maybe that might just be the case.  I think for those who like their tea hot and are an avid tea drinker, then Teapy is a great product to try out.

There are a few tips for using your Teapy:

  1. Add boiling water to the mug and cover with the Teapy (this is to warm your mug)
  2. Add in your tea bag and replace the Teapy – brew for 2 – 5 mins depening on taste – Infusion can be accelerated by pulling your tea bag up and letting fall down a few times
  3. Lift Teapy, enjoy the ‘aroma burst’ from your mug, flip the lis, positiion beside your mug to avoid mess
  4. Savour your cuppa

Teapy in use

If you want to follow more about Teapy, follow the on twitter or visit their website

Disclaimer: I was given a Teapy to test and give my honest opinion on it. 


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