Slow Cooker Sunday – Macsween’s Vegetarian Haggis

Slow cooker Sunday is coming to you a little late today. We have been struck by winter viruses with Bubbles still struggling, poor wee thing. I’ve decided to tell you about our Macsweens Vegetarian Haggis that we tried in our slow cooker.

Veggie Haggis
After a Twitter chat with @mediocre__mum and @Scottish_Mum & @MacsweenHaggis we decided that it might be an idea to try slow cooker to see if it had desired results. I have been a tad busy recently so only just got round to doing this and boy was it good. I of course read Scottishmums blog first and tried out her suggestions. So here is what we did:

Take your haggis out of the wrapper and wrap it in tin foil, pour about an inch of water into your slow cooker. I just put cold water in and cooked the haggis for around 45 minutes on high.

I served it with mashed tatties & neeps (potatoes & turnip for those who are no familiar with Scots for our famous dish).

This meal was amazing, so tasty and the haggis was so moist, better than in the oven in my opinion. Hubby didnt even mention the fact that it was vegetarian, so obviously it was good. Glad I wrapped it in foil and put some water in the slow cooker thanks @Scottish_Mum for this tip.

Disclaimer: we were sent the vegetarian haggis by Macsween for the purpose of a review. All views are our own.

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