Throwback Thursday 1980

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My Mom recently sent me loads of pictures from my childhood and I have had great fun looking through them all – so many memories. I found one of me at the same age as Buddy and we do look so alike – funny hey? I’ll share that another day, but today I am baking for the PTA and have been making tablet – This is something I used to do every weekend with my Granny Heron.  She used to make a batch every weekend for my Dad.

Granny Heron 1981


This picture was taken in our garden of a shared house that we lived in, in East Craigs – Mom says this was 1979 but it has to be at least 1980, I went to school from this house and I went to school in 1980.

We spent a lot of time with Granny Heron, she lived in sheltered housing in Edinburgh and we went there on a weekend so that Dad could work.  It’s funny cause it feels like just yesterday that I last spoke to her (she was 86 when she died – that was back in 1994!!)  Granny Heron was a spiritualist, so I’m sure she is there somewhere making sure I’m taking the right path!

I recall as well the first Saturday that the National Lottery started and we went down to RS MColls as that was the only place with a machine and got my Granny Heron a ticket – I still remember the numbers and if I do put a ticket on, I do go with those numbers to this day.

Funny how you remember things as you start to write isn’t it – Who in your family do you have vivid childhood memories with?


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