Throwback Thursday July 2013

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For those who know me personally, you know that I am a complete foodie, but recently, I’ve let my skills slide.  Mainly because I seem to be the only one in our house that actually cares about food.  The boys and Grim all see food as a necessity rather than pleasure, so it got me thinking, how do I get my cooking mojo back.

Well I looked at loads of my recipe books, as you do! Total food porn central, then I was looking through some pictures and came across these:

Jo in chef's Whites

This is me at The Seafood School at Billingsgate, where we were working on development of some recipes to teach in schools.  We did an amazing mussel dish, some rice wraps with salmon and vegetables and fish burgers. We had an amazing day that day and I love developing recipes and seeing people enjoying my food.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to Billingsgate, I also went down to partake in one of their seafood cookery classes, which was amazing. The Chef taught myself and English Mum how to cook pan fried lemon sole with green beans and almonds. Oh my goodness, I was completely in heaven!

Lemon Sole with green beans

Anyone can book a space on the courses at the seafood school, so get on their website and see what’s coming up – it is an amazing day/evening out and you learn so much.

I am determined to look at our overall diet in the house and get my cooking mojo back – I want my boys to grow up knowing all about where their food comes from and how eating a healthy diet is important for health and wellbeing.

They already know this, as Buddy is starting to train more at swimming, he is realising that he needs to eat more to sustain his exercise – This summer we have even introduced some vegetables – so here is hoping we are on the path to being an overall healthy family.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday July 2013

  1. Susan Mann

    One of the highlights of blogging was the times we’ve done fish cooking school together. It was so much fun and we loved it. I know how much you love and are passionate about food, especially seafood x

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      I know, I would never have met you otherwise – I love food, especially seafood but I just lost my MoJo for a while!


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