My Top 10 Tips on getting married

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Mr & Mrs Dunlop

Hope you like my Top 10 tips for getting married:

  1. Choose the most important thing about the day and centre your date, etc. round that. For example, if it’s the venue that is important, get the date in the diary and work around it. If it’s the caterer make sure they are available and where they can supply to/ work with. We tried to get as many things local as possible, food, wine, champagne (well it was sparkling wine from England, but in my honest opinion it was better than champagne) We used a local dressmaker. Some of these saved money some made it more expensive. We even ended up in the centre pages of the Edinburgh Evening News featuring our wedding because we were trying to do everything local.
  2. Remember that it is your wedding and even if people are contributing financially, it is still your day and by them giving you money they are not buying rights to take over your day or deciding things on your behalf. What we did is made sure when family offered us some money they knew what this was for, like my dress was paid for by my Mom and Grim’s kilt by his parents. If it starts to become an issue sit down with the person and explain that whilst it is very kind of them to offer, you will not accept the money if they cannot understand that it’s your day & you need to have the things you want.
  3. Choose your wedding band carefully, book them in writing. In fact, do everything in writing, make sure you commit everything to paper – at my wedding a band I had cancelled turned up and played. We only realised after they had played, they were in fact cancelled in writing and due at another wedding, I proved it and they didn’t get paid!
  4. You don’t have to have a top table, we had our friends from the wedding party at our table and gave our families a table each. This meant ‘mostly’ everyone at the tables knew each other or were connected in some way. This is especially hard if you have parent’s who have remarried.
  5. I saved a fortune designing my own dress, find a local dress maker and get it made to measure
  6. Run through the day in your head every week and as you get closer daily. Imagine your guests arriving, what will their experience be, then run through it for you and anyone else of importance. Imagine, the flowers and the other things they will see. What do they need during the ceremony. How do they get from the ceremony to the reception. For people coming later on, how will you greet them. What time is your evening buffet?
  7. We chose not to have children at our wedding, this is a personal choice. Decide and stick by it and don’t have any acceptions just for Aunty Norma, it’s not worth the grief.
  8. Don’t get too drunk, you want to enjoy it. I have got some excellent pictures of my doing press ups in my dress on top of the seats in the coach on the way home! (just drunk enough I think!)
  9. The photographer needs to be someone you have seen work before, they cost a lot of money. Our photographs were great, but my favourites were by family & friends, perhaps if budget is tight ask everyone to take pics and supply them to you on disk so you can pick & chose your wedding shots
  10. Your honeymoon is a once in a life time experience, choose it wisely
  11. As a bride drink clear drinks & not red wine, I ended up with a glass down the front of my dress 😉

And as ever with these things, don’t get too much caught up in the moment that you forget that you are getting married and that it’s for life so if you have doubts, don’t do it!

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