My top tips for the perfect flapjack

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There is no hiding it, I love flapjack and until recently I had never managed to make it well myself, but now I use a fail safe recipe for the base and add my additional flavours to it. Here’s the link to the flapjack recipe.

So here are my top tips:

  • Always use butter, don’t substitute for margarine
  • I use the cheapest oats from my supermarket, these work well for me
  • I am lazy & very often just shove items in oven without waiting for it to heat, but for this I always preheat whilst I’m melting the butter mixture & combining items
  • Always use greaseproof paper in bottom of tray
  • Remove from oven when the top is golden, the edges should be slightly more golden
  • Leave for 5mins when you remove it from oven to cool slightly, don’t be tempted to remove it straight away, after 5 mins mark out your squares. I use a baking tray and the recipe makes 24 squares. Leave for 20 mins, this let’s your flapjack harden
  • Don’t be tempted to cut into smaller until it’s completely cooled as I find it just crumbles

Enjoy. Here’s a pic of our stem ginger flapjacks, perfect for adults! What is your favourite addition to your flapjack. Remember to comment below if you want the recipe!

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