Umbrellas – My Top Tips

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I’ve got to be honest, umbrellas are one of my least favourite inventions – yes they might look good when you carry them and keep your hair dry when it’s raining a bit, but I live in Scotland where it’s windy and quite often raining and I hate people poking my eye out with them.  People seem to forget that an umbrella adds the full circumference of the umbrella to their personal space and depending on their height, that usually get’s in people’s way.

So here are my top tips to help you deal with umbrellas:

  1. If you are walking alongside someone who you are with, share your brolly, it’ll poke their eye out otherwise – People who don’t use umbrellas won’t encoach on your space unless invited
  2. If it’s windy, don’t even bother – There is no such thing as a windproof brolly (in my opnion)
  3. I hate when someone gets on public transport with an umbrella and puts it at their feet – Do you not realise that the person next to you will also get soacked – Carry a little bag that you can put your wet umbrella into
  4. If you are going through a close or a doorway (or our school gate) then put down your umbrella until you are clear, otherwise you are the only person that is going anywhere in that limited space – you may even get stuck!
  5. Don’t spend a lot of money on one as it will get lost or broken and you’ll just have to buy a new one anyway
  6. How many of you carry an umbrella just in case? As I said I live in Scotland so many of my friends who use umbrellas carry them everywhere as it ‘could rain!’ I cannot be bothered carrying the extra weight around
  7. And if all else fails, get a decent rain coat and put your hood up 😉

So that’s my top tips on umbrellas, do you have any?

Disclaimer: no umbrellas were harmed in the development of this blog post

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