2018 Goals & look back at 2017

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Here's to 2018

So we’ve said goodbye to 2017, I have to say, for us, it was pretty standard – the only things that really happened were that Bubbles graduated nursery and went to school. This is a massive step change in terms of life, but we took it in our stride mostly. He took a while to settle in, but now he loves it and seems to be getting on rather well!

Last year, I set out some goals, this is how I did:

Be true to myself – I have tried, with everything I do to do this – But sometimes being a Mum means that you put others first – I am definitely better at it, but this year – I will build on this foundation.

Get out more with hubster – This hasn’t really happened – We meant to, but never got round to it – This year we have a Martin Wishart voucher to use, so we will be heading out at some point soon! This is really important to remember that we are also a couple as well as being parents.

Meditate – I have definitely been more mindful, taking time out when I needed it – I get up at 5.30am to do some meditation and a bit of stretching, so I’ll continue this on!

Focus on Family – This is going to be my main focus this year – with a family wedding being a major focus in the middle of the year.

Catch up on my Sleep – Well, we bought a bigger bed, so I don’t even notice Bubbles getting into the bed anymore – This is great as Hubster doesn’t wake me either when he crawls in at 4am after his gigs – I am enjoying this immensely – But again, more to build on and get better in 2018.

So what are my goals for 2018:

  1. Build on last year’s goals
  2. Be more organised – I’m going to spend time planning my week and getting ready for the week ahead
  3. Work more on my blog
  4. Catch up with friends more often
  5. Be committed to my 10k steps a day

2 thoughts on “2018 Goals & look back at 2017

    1. Joanna Dunlop Post author

      Thanks Susan, achievable but also habit forming which is what I’m trying to do rather than making things a resolution that won’t stick


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