Mental Health Awareness

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Yesterday was interesting! I’ve just finished a role in higher education and have a week or so off, and so been on social media lots. So yesterday was Mental Health Awareness Day, with something like this, I take it with a pinch of salt, I think awareness days are good – but do people remember beyond the day! Especially for something as important as this, working on your own mental health and helping others is an ongoing journey, which is easier for some than for others.

I love this image, it is so positive and that’s what I like to be, positive, but sometimes I do have my moments, as does everyone!

I have lost 3 friends due to their battle with their mental health and I can’t help feeling how they were wronged by the system of just medicating and not dealing with the underlying cause. That’s the problem with all of our healthcare system, it’s not always right to medicate.

Anxiety is hard, it’s not just in your head, it’s all consuming and can take over your life! Because it’s not a visible thing, it’s so hard to even explain to someone and the stigma is massive, unless you have experienced it, it is really difficult to truly understand.

Another issue that we face is bullying and harassment, I have experienced this a lot, more so as an adult than growing up. Nowadays too, social media does not help and makes it easier to watch people from afar. I understand that as a blogger and someone that uses social media that I am putting myself out there, but people should remember that there are still boundaries and they need to remember that they too have a footprint, so if you comment on my blog or interact with me publicly or privately, please be nice and not creepy, things like this are not helpful for anyone’s mental health!

So what I want to say lovely readers is I’m here for you all, it’s hard at times but if you believe you can get through this x

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